Who We Are

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We are more than a cup of coffee. How mesmerizing will it be to enjoy a cup of cappuccino with your loved ones accompanied by soothing music and lightings like a dream? How about giving your friends a different kind of birthday treat with the essence of coffee? You can enjoy different cuisines of coffee including beverages, baked dishes, and desserts. With outlet chains all over the state, we provide home delivery within a five-kilometer radius.

Coffee with us
Freshly brewed coffee will not taste any better than the way we prepare. You will get amazed at the list of experimental cuisines with coffee at our coffee shop, with each item finding a new taste bud in your tongue.
Our cuisine list covers:

  • Filter coffee
  • Italian coffee varieties
  • Cold coffees
  • Coffee desserts
  • Coffee flavored muffins
  • Pastries and cakes from rich crème coffees and flavors
  • Our proprietary coffee blends
  • Seasonal specials
  • Low-caffeine dietary coffee

We help you organize a family get together, birthday parties, anniversaries, tricks and treats and official parties at no extra cost. We give you the place, the atmosphere, and the help and you pay only for the menu. Book tables in advance to avoid last minute hurries with just a phone call. Who knows, a simple conversation across the table with a cup of coffee would give birth to a new science or a new business brand!

A new offer from us! Would you like to experiment with our coffee beans at brew in your own kitchen? You can get seal-packed and flavor-locked whole beans and roasted beans from any of our outlet or through online orders and bring the aroma in your home.
With the quickest delivery and excellent customer service, you would definitely want to return to us soon for tasting the next coffee menu.