Do Not Just Fill Your Mug With Any Coffee, Pour Your Preference

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I recently paid a visit to a dear friend of mine who got transferred to a different place. What surprised me the most was that time and again, he was mentioning about how he missed my mother’s coffee. The compliment he gave to its taste was that it was as good as filter coffee. Till then, coffee was just a beverage for me and neither did I really care about its taste nor did I know the specialty of filter coffee. This led me to read about the variations of coffee and the reason behind the success of Café Coffee Day.
The flavor, consistency, and color of coffee depend on every single element related to the plant, processing, and brewing. Let it be the seed selection, the place of cultivation, the environment of processing, the innovation in brewing and the mood of the barista and the person drinking it. The degree of roasting of the beans forms the basis of several coffee brands like the Roast Strength Coffee.

Let us briefly talk about some of the most loved coffee preparations

You can create a playhouse in a cup of coffee. A little bit of alteration creates a new variety of coffee. We can start with espresso from which many other coffee variations are prepared.
A thick, concentrated coffee with a rich texture, body and combined taste of sweetness and bitterness, it is highly popular as a stand-alone coffee and also the basic ingredient in preparing other coffee varieties. You can learn from the appearance itself whether a cup (demitasse) of espresso is well-made or not.
The taste depends on how well the seeds were roasted, the grind and brewing technique. Preheating the serving cup helps to maintain the warmth of espresso while brewing for more number of people. You get a dedicated brewing machine for making the honey-colored espresso, also known as short black.
A double shot of espresso in a single cup is called double espresso or Doppio.
A café latte is also an espresso-based drink made from steamed milk and micro-foam which is sweeter than espresso.


A brand in itself, cappuccino is much more than a coffee. Prepared by equal combinations of espresso, heated milk and milk foam, its rich creamy off-white appearance on the television itself tempt us. The cappuccino has almost become a representative of Italian cuisine, much like the pizzas. It has now traveled far and wide across the globe and has even inspired candies and chocolates. The original Italian preparation uses a 2 to3 cm layer of topping of creamy milk and froth on a cup of espresso. To enhance the effect, you can sprinkle some chocolate garnishing.

Cappuccino is not just a drink now, it has become a culture.

When you subtract the foam and chocolate topping from Cappuccino, we get a Flat White.

Piccolo Latte

A piccolo latte is a combination of café latte and espresso. To a shot of espresso in an espresso cup, add heated or steamed milk and a small amount of milk foam. 
Long Black (Americano)
Another espresso-based coffee, this consists of one or two shots of extracted espresso with four to five ounces of hot water in a two-demitasse cup. Long Black is very popular in the U.S, hence also called as Americano.  In simple terms, it a lighter and less bitter espresso.
What do you prefer, a coffee or a chocolate drink? Mocha is such a combination of cappuccino and hot chocolate. It is prepared by pouring an espresso shot over chocolate powder and adding steamed milk and micro-foam into it.  Final garnishing is by chocolate sprinkling.
An affogato is an espresso with ice cream. A perfect summer desert-coffee combination, this is an ideal showstopper for a grand dinner. It can be a single or double shot of hot espresso topped with ice cream or like a vanilla gelato scoop. 

Filter Coffee or Drip Coffee

It is a simple form of sweet coffee made from boiling milk and dark roasted coffee beans and chicory. In India, this is famous by the name of South Indian Coffee, for which the beans come from indigenous plantations in South India. The coffee is served in a tumbler and is stronger than other varieties. The special touch to South Indian Filter Coffee is the back and forth mixing of the two metal cups along long arcs of the hand motion.

A coffee is no longer paired with newspaper alone. A freshly prepared coffee spreads its taste and aroma starting from avid readers to blossoming relations.